We offer storage sure to your expectations

The increasing demand of personalized storage space, has made us face the challenge to adapt and offer our clients, the best solution and prices in the market. Ideally structured for durability and on-demand mobile transport, our units and services are the perfect solution to provide you with the additional help, you need.

Safe, secure and complete
peace of mind storage

It’s no secret that no matter the amount of storage available one always has a few things that they can’t seem to find a place for. Look no further, no matter how small or big the item is we can assist in getting you a storage space, safely and at a reasonable price which you can afford.

  • Reasonable price
  • Access to your box 24/7
  • Transportation services
  • Fast registration
  • Optimal climate conditions
  • Safe storage

Frequently asked questions

To decide on the best size its highly advised to take a look on our homepage which include typical packages with the general amount of items one would be able to store, this also includes average price of said package. You also may use the price calculator to get a general price on the size of storage that you’ve decided.

This would simply depend on your budget as we’re able to accommodate most requirements.

We offer several storage options, they are: shared storage on industrial shelves, self storage units with padlock and commercial storage. On the type of storage to choose will simply depend on your preference, for example luggage can be stored in shared storage as it would be cheaper but one may prefer to store personal belongings in a self storage unit with a padlock.